MBISS, BIS, MRUBISS, RUBIS Champion Giltedge Do You Like Apples {AI}

Sire: Port Ch, Dan Ch, Spa Ch, Cro Ch Ritzilyn Rick O’Shay (ESP)
Dam: Larbellah Cheer Leader
Whelped: 8th July 2013
Hips 1:3, Elbows 0:2, Clear Eyes (Oct ‘21) Clear Heart, Ichthyosis Carrier, GR PRA 1 & PRA
2- Clear

Best In Show GRC NSW Under Mrs Doreen McGugan (UK)

Best In Show GRC South Australia under Mr Eddie Webster (Scotland)

Best In Show GRC QLD Under Mrs Heather Morrison (Australia) 

Turner winning his 6th Best In Speciality Show at the GRC WA under Mr Henric Fryckstrand (Swe) Show 2

Turner wins Best In Show at the GRC WA show 1 under Mrs Renee Rault FRA)

Turner wins Best In Show @ GRC SA August 2018 under Mary Neil from Scotland.


Turner 2nd place open dog GR National held in SA 2017

Turner moving his way to Best In Show

BEST In Show at the GRC WA 2016 under Mr Wayne MrGrath (NSW)

My ❤❤❤

Turner 1st place Intermediate dog Sydney Royal 2016

Turner 1st open dog & RESCC atnthe GRC NSW 2015 (26 mths)
Turner with His breeder & Co-owner Kim Handley winning Best Junior In Show at the 9th G R National held in VIC Nov 2014.

Turner winning RUBISS at the GRC WA 2014 @ 14mths of age

Turner on the move 8 months old

Turner 8 weeks

From limited showing, Turner has done extremely well. He has won 6 Best in Show Speciality awards &1 All breed Best In shows, plus a Runner Up Best in Show Speciality & All breeds. He is also a National class in Show winner.
He was awarded Best Puppy Dog in Show under Mrs L Pope UK (Chilzer) at the Golden Retriever Club of NSW 50th Anniversary show held in May 2014. Her critique of Turner “Promising well grown puppy, balanced head with the gentlest expression & dark pigment. Correct front assembly, clean strong neck into well laid back shoulders with correct upperarm, level topline, good lenght of rib, correct hind angulation. Moved well with good front extension
June 2014 sees the team travel to Qld for the Ruby Anniversary show under gundog specialist Tord Lunborg (SWE). He awarded Turner, who had just turned 12 months Best Junior Dog in Show “Excellent type. Well shaped head. excellent front with long upper arm. Excellent neck into well laid shoulders. Good coat. excellent angulation.”
Sept 2014 we flew to Western Australia with 2 of our boys to attend the Golden Retriever Club of WA Championship show under Mrs Janet Barrow (UK). She awarded Turner at the tender age of 14 months Runner Up Best In Speciality show (to his uncle Hodge- Ch Larbellah Team leader owned by Kim Handley) and Best Junior In Show.”Great balance on this quality 14mth old, who appealed enormously for his unexaggerated outline. Most beautiful head and expression, good bone and cat feet. Good length of neck, flowing into withers and with correct forehand assembly. good depth of chest for age, short coupled and with a level topline and correctly set tail. firm and well developed quarters, with well muscled stifles. Moved with good head carriage and plenty of drive. Res Best Dog & Res BIS”
November 2014 we attended the 9th Golden Retriever National held in Victoria under Mrs Nancy Talbott ( Belgold USA). Turner wins Best Junior In show @ 15 months of age. “Really lovely breed type, his coat is just about exactly what a Golden Retriever’s should be. Very nice head, he really excels in side gait, beautiful feet – exactly what the standard calls for. Lovely forechest and return of elbow. Really outstanding youngster. A pleasure to have him in the class.”
March 2015 we once again attended the Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania Championship show under Judge Mrs Margaret Bourne from SA. She awarded Turner Best Intermediate In Show ” Good sized dog with strong boning and carried himself with presence into the ring. Well-laid shoulders balanced by strong hindquarters. Strong straight front legs with prosternum flowing to deep in heart, good spring of rib and well-ribbed back. Masculine head, correctly proportioned with balance of muzzle to skull on good reach of neck. Ground covering gait, holding a level top-line.”
Whilst we were in Tasmania we attended an all breeds show. Turner was awarded BEST IN SHOW under group Judge Mr John Rowles & G/S under Mrs L Rowles. unfortunately no photos were taken as it was just too hot.
Septemeber 2015 we flew to Perth for the Golden Retriever Club of Western Australia Championship show under Judge Ms Su Jolly( Kerrien ) from the UK. She awarded Turner BEST IN SHOW & Intermediate in Show in a quality lineup of exhibits. Her critique ” What a smasher in beautiful coat and condition, so well balanced, lovely head & kind eye, well laid shoulders onto a level top-line with good tail set. Correct angulation both front and rear, moved with purpose and drive. Loved him and delighted to make him my best dog & Best In Show”
Also in September 2015 was the Golden Retriever Club of NSW Championship show Judged by Mrs Maragret Hean from New Zealand ( Arangold). Turner was entered in the open class for this one & He held his own and won Best Open Male in Show, pipped at the post by his sister Ch Giltedge Theres a Butterfly (Tina) for Runner Up Best In Show .Margaret’s Critique “Lovely mid gold dog with beautiful boning, level topline, balanced angulation front and rear. Very nice head. Long ground covering stride – looked as if he could keep going all day”
June 2016 sees us attend one of our favourite specialities of the year down in Tasmania. Turner once again was our shining star winning Best In Show no2! From a lovely entry of Golden Retrievers. The Judges comments “Ch Giltedge Do You Like Apples (AI)- Lovely strong, masculine mid gold dog, beautiful bone, level topline, balanced angulation front and rear.  Very nice head and kindly expression and good length of neck. Moved with power and drive, straight hocks. Went around the ring like he owned it. Well handled (At times in trying circumstances!) I was proud to award him Dog CC, Open in Show and Best In Show,”
September 2016 sees the team fly to Western Australia under Judge Mr Wayne McGrath (Alnclair) Once again Turner was our star of the day winning Best in Show & Aus Bred In show. Mr McGrath’s comments “Loved this boy’s overall balance. Very strong topline which he held on the stack and whilst moving. Tight cat-like feet. balanced masculine head with kindly expression & full pigmentation. Effortless movement around the ring, although he had a slight tendency to converge when moving away. Good ear set, correct bite and good clean muscular neck. Coat in good condition, presented and handled very well.”
August 2018 we flew 3 dogs to Adelaide to exhibit under Mary Neil (Moloko) from Scotland. We came away with both top honours with Turner winning his 4th BEST IN SHOW & his half sister Lonnie winning best bitch and RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW!!
Mary’s comments on our boy were “Ch Giltedge Do you Like Apples (ai) –  “My notes say WOW.  Eye-catching dark coated boy who oozed breed type.  In superb coat and condition.  Beautifully balanced both static and on the move.  Hands on and he feels exactly as he looks.  Well boned straight limbs, neat catlike feet.  Super forehand and layback, good spring of rib allowing plenty of heart room.  Dead level topline and correct tail set.  Strong well-muscled hind quarters with short neat hocks.  He was a picture on the move with lovely easy strides.  Expertly handled.”

September 2018 we once again fly across the country to attend the Golden Retriever Club of WA double Anniversary shows.                                                                                                                Show 1 sees Turner win BEST IN SHOW no5 under Ms Renee Rault – L’Orfillec Golden Retrievers (Fra) “Very good type a masculine picture, top quality. Masculine head with a kindly expression. Excellent set on neck. Excellent front good bone and feet. Excellent top line and tail set. Deep chest. Short loin. Excellent rear angulation super turn of stifle. Powerful with good drive. Excellent quality of coat. Excellent presentation. CC and Best Exhibit in Show.”

Show 2 sees Turner win BEST IN SHOW no6 under world renowned breeder and judge Mr Henric Fryckstrand from Dewmist kennels Sweden. His words on our boy “very impressive mature male in excellent condition, well balanced throughout and shown in very good coat of correct texture. Masculine head, kind expression, very good neck and forehand construction, good timber, full of substance but still elegant, very strong and level topline, powerful rear, short hocks, moved with drive and style, front movement could be firmer, professionally handled and presented”

October 2018 we attended the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria under Mrs Susanna Zubair from Thornywait Golden Retrievers UK. She awarded Turner Best Australian Bred Male in Show. “Rich gold dog in excellent coat. Lovely head with good depth of muzzle. Excellent layback of shoulder and balanced angulation. Short coupled, good width to stifle. Lovely bone and feet. Moved with good drive. Well handled and presented. Very nice dog.”

Once again we Thank his breeder and co-owner Kim Handley for allowing Turner to be apart of our family.
Turner is a proven stud dog and is available at stud to approved bitches only. Please contact Kim on or Skye for enquiries.
Frozen semen available.


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Port, Dan, Spa, Cro Ch Ritzilyn Rick O’Shay (ESP)




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